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Ayurveda, the future of global healthcare


Butterfly Ayurveda’s line of immunity boosters are among its innovations that help boost immunity, improve respiratory and overall health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the fragility of our existing health ecosystem into perspective. As the healthcare industry seeks answers to make it more inclusive, holistic, and affordable in the post-pandemic world, Ayurveda has played an important role in shaping the discourse around the new-age healthcare system. The current crisis is a powerful reminder of the need for more lasting health solutions, and Ayurveda is the saving grace we have all been seeking. Before we continue, let’s dig a little deeper into the science of life.


Ayurveda is a centuries-old science that has prevailed in India since the pre-Buddhist era. It includes a holistic understanding of health and addresses the entire body-mind-spirit complex. It is a life science that shines a light on corrective action in diet and lifestyle, with somatic practices like yoga and meditation, the use of herbal remedies and medications, and rejuvenation therapies like panchakarma, self-massages, etc. health problems and adapts to the unique body constitution of each individual.

Ayurveda, evidence-based science

Many believe that Ayurveda has acquired a broad perception of being primarily belief-based. However, a close study of the Vedic texts and interactions with learned Ayurvedic practitioners say otherwise. Ayurveda is established on the principles of an evidence-based, rationalistic and holistic approach. Ancient texts show that Ayurveda has a unique, well-developed and documented pharmacology, pharmacognosy, anatomy, and detailed understanding of the pathogenesis of disease.

To use Sushruta’s words: “Samdosha samagnischasamdhatu malkriya. Prasanna aatma indriya manaswastha iti abhidhiyate ”. This roughly translates to: “Optimal health in Ayurveda is a state of balance between doshas, ​​metabolic fire, bodily tissues, excretory products combined with a cheerful mind, high intellect and sharp senses. Disruption of this balance leads to a sickly state.

Manufacturers of herbal health products like Butterfly Ayurveda, an emerging health and wellness brand in India, have been instrumental in educating the masses about Ayurvedic herbs and their use in daily life with products like Ayurvedic teas, herbal powders, supplements, tonics and immunity boosters. .

Butterfly Ayurveda is an organization engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of Ayurvedic products. Whether it’s healthy snacks, calming teas, nourishing kadhas, or clinically evaluated medication, BA offers a whole new line of modern yet authentic Ayurvedic products that help integrate the power of Ayurveda into our daily lives.
BA’s R&D department is the backbone of the organization. The department’s approach could be termed “Validation of Ayurvedic divine wisdom through scientific knowledge in the present day”. Dedicated to providing qualitative and effective herbal solutions, the R&D department engages in product development, quality control and standardization that provide their customers with safe and effective Ayurvedic medicines and food products.

Ratri Chai, a night tea that helps relax and restore energy levels at the end of the day.
Pancreofly, an Ayurvedic medicine that helps regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Diabe Choice Cookies, a diabetes-friendly cookie made from coconut palm sugar packed with flavor, fiber, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Suprabhat Chai, a morning tea that improves cognition and helps balance Kapha dosha.


I-Immune, Ayurvedic capsules that help speed recovery and increase the number of platelets and white blood cells.

Bronchiofly, an Ayurvedic cough syrup that helps clear the airways, protects the lungs and throat against infections’

Vita-M, an Ayurvedic medicine designed for men that helps rejuvenate and restore body strength, improves stamina, and increases stamina and vitality.

As these supplements quickly became public favorites, BA understood the alarming need of the hour and redirected its resources to the development of herbal hand sanitizers, “Hello Aloe” and “Tulsi Neem”. Effective and gentle, these disinfectants have become a favorite with clinics and nurse practitioners.


BA quickly recognized the need for an Ayurvedic drug that not only boosts immunity, but helps treat symptoms of Covid-19. After extensive research, BA’s R&D team developed an Ayurvedic formulation based on a blend of potent herbal extracts that helps build immunity against COVID-19, treats flu-like symptoms and has broad-spectrum antiviral action. Coronafly / COVIFLY is Butterfly Ayurveda’s contribution to the world in the fight against Covid-19. This Ayurvedic formulation helps people recover and alleviates symptoms like high fever, sore throat, dry cough, shortness of breath, body pain and weakness.


Raw material supply

From sourcing the raw materials to designing the packaging, they ensure that environmentally friendly practices are followed throughout. All their raw materials come from the most reliable suppliers, who own certified farms or practice contract farming with farmers, ensuring the use of sustainable methods of cultivation and harvesting. The tea leaves used in teas are mainly sourced from Glenburn tea estate in Darjeeling and Khongea tea estate in Assam. All of their raw materials are tested for quality and receive a Certificate of Analysis before being considered for production.


Dynamic packaging represents the vitality of life, while BA’s conscious efforts to reduce plastic packaging and use locally available materials such as the wonderful jute twine to transport the tea bags. Another example is their biodegradable tea bags made from corn and wheat starch. BA ensures that all ingredients and certifications are listed on the product packaging itself. They believe that transparency makes it easier for clients to adopt Ayurveda and helps them make a better choice.


Combining the wisdom of traditional Ayurvedic methods with modern science, BA develops exciting products while maintaining the purity of the ingredients, the safety and efficacy of the formulations, and meeting the quality standards of the Pharmacopoeia. All of their products are manufactured in GMP certified units and are approved by AYUSH State Department or FSSAI. BA has also collaborated with several renowned manufacturing units such as Charak Pharma, Blue Star Laboratories, etc. for new product development and large-scale production.


BA aims to harness the growing potential of the market to become an Ayurvedic wellness center and to raise awareness of the benefits of infusing the benefits of Ayurveda into people’s daily lives.

In its humble effort to deliver the natural preventative and curative benefits of Ayurveda, BA has introduced a holistic line of infusions: Heart Strong Infusion, Diabe Infusion, and Love Your Body Infusion. These herbal infusions are a delight to drink and help maintain a healthy heart, manage blood sugar and support weight management. All BA products are intended to relieve lifestyle disorders.

BA Founder and CEO Akshi says, “Ayurveda is the future of global healthcare because it helps address the root cause of a health problem, not just the symptoms. In addition, it focuses on rejuvenating therapies that promote the entire body-mind-spirit complex. “


The healthcare sector is witnessing a new trend. People are now turning to alternative medicine for prolonged relief and Ayurveda is at the top of the list. The resurgence of public interest in herbal remedies has led to a substantial shift in demand towards herbal products over the past two years. In 2019, the Indian herbal products market was INR 4.2 billion and by 2026 this number is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38.5%.[1]. Likewise, the Indian nutraceutical market is poised to become a world leader with a growth rate of 22% every year. Preventive health care has become an important line of defense during the pandemic, proving that the nutraceutical industry is a strong economic partner for the population. This industry boom is the perfect opportunity for BA to explore strategic partnerships with nutraceutical companies seeking manufacturers of herbal products.

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