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CRSI honor for 3 IICT scientists


Posted: Posted Date – 6:22 PM, Tue – Jul 12, 22

Hyderabad: Top scientists from the Hyderabad-based Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) have won three major honors from the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI).

Senior Principal Scientists Dr. Prathama S Mainkar and Dr. Debendra K Mohapatra who are involved in technology development have been shortlisted for CRSI 2023 Bronze Medals while IICT Director Dr. D Sreenivas Reddy has been selected for the prestigious Darshan Ranganathan Memorial Lecture by CRSI, says a press release.

The awards were announced during the 29th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry and CRSI-ACS Symposium Series in Chemistry, held recently at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali under the aegis of the CRSI in collaboration with the American Chemical Society (ACS) .

Dr. Prathama’s research interest is in the field of medicinal chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and drug discovery while Dr. Debendra K. Mohapatra’s research interest is in the field of organic chemistry with special emphasis on the asymmetric total synthesis of complex natural products of medicinal importance.

Dr. Sreenivas Reddy has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as CSIR labs with research focused on application-oriented organic synthesis towards human well-being with a combination of organic and medicinal chemistry, the press release adds. .