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In September, choose Caim by årelang ™ for PCOS Awareness Month



Delicious nutritional supplements. Backed by science and inspired by busy lifestyles

September is Global PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Awareness Month, an event designed to raise awareness and help improve the lives of those affected by PCOS, by overcoming the symptoms and changing the lifestyles of those suffering from PCOS. PCOS. While making conscious lifestyle changes this month, consider incorporating Caim by årelang ™ into your routine. This new nutraceutical brand which was just launched in India, offers Rekindle for Women, a unique blend of potent and clinically tested herbal extracts, with ingredients specially designed to target the symptoms of PCOS in women.

Founded by Nikita Naterwalla, Caim (pronounced KY-em), is a Gaelic word meaning to form a magical circle around someone, in order to create protection, or sanctuary. Caim’s products are designed to fit seamlessly into a modern, hectic life, and aim to rejuvenate and awaken good health through nutritional solutions rooted in age-old medicinal remedies, perfected with a scientific and modern twist.

Revive for women is a blend of potent phytoestrogens and potent herbal ingredients intended to provide the female body with essential nutrients in small doses every day to help balance the body. The product includes flax seeds, an effective phytoestrogen; Shatawar, to help address reproductive and hormonal challenges; Ginseng which helps reduce stress and increases libido; Saffron to help elevate mood; Black cohosh to help relieve symptoms of PMS and other gynecological problems; and soy isoflavones to help counter hot flashes, mood swings, and other side effects of menopause.

Rekindle for Women supplements help regulate menstrual cycles by increasing the production of estrogen in the body. The increase in estrogen results in a balanced menstrual flow and less discomfort during menstruation. The adaptogenic properties of the phytoestrogenic ingredients allow the body to regulate the consumption of estrogen, therefore balance is created and the discomfort associated with menstruation is greatly reduced.

The architecture of each product contains just the right proportions of these potent extracts, making them highly bioavailable – this means the body is able to absorb all of the goodness without eliminating it as waste or stressing the liver.

Rekindle comes in two delicious flavors: Brazilian orange peel and espresso shot. Each formulation is priced at Rs. 1,299 plus tax for 14 bars (a 2 week supply), which come in stylish and sophisticated airtight containers that can be reused to meet any storage requirements.

Caim is the first offering from parent company årelang Naturals®, a company that aims to educate and inspire consumers by simplifying and demystifying the health and wellness space. From researching the best quality natural plant extracts to clinical testing of each ingredient, the company treats nutritional deficiencies and specific bodily needs.

årelang Naturals® has partnered with the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT Mumbai) for their extensive research and formulation of their products. Working closely with the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, the brand has ensured that each formulation is carefully developed through a precise scientific approach, in vitro studies and dosage-based testing for each ingredient approved by the brand. . The research was initiated by Naterwalla, with the famous Dr Kirti Ladda of ICT, who has numerous research publications, patents and accolades to her name, as well as years of accomplishment in the fields of pharmacognosy, advanced pharmacognosy and natural products. for flavors and fragrances.

Caim by årelang ™ currently has more than 20 products in the pipeline, and will soon launch the first of its gummy candy line, which will focus on providing an adequate daily intake of green vegetables, as well as phytonutrients.



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