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KU awards 53 doctorates, 75 MPhil, four master’s degrees in various disciplines


The Advanced Studies & Research Board (ASRB) of the University of Karachi has awarded 53 Ph.D., 75 MPhil, one MD, two MS Surgery and one MS Course Work degrees in various disciplines.

The KU Registrar, Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed, said that the ASRB, at its meeting held recently under the chairmanship of the Acting KU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, awarded these degrees.

Masters degrees were awarded to Asif Ali, Basit Ali and Sabeeka Batool in Botany, Anam Zehra and Ammara Khalid in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mir Alam, Zubair Ahmed, Syed Muhammad Ali, Hareem Fatima and Anum in Applied Economics, M Waqar Khan and Syed Kamran Naqvi in ​​Space and Planetary Astrophysics, Nida Nadeem and Samra Rahmat in Applied Physics, Qismat Ullah in Usooluddin, Seher Iftikhar and Binesh Siddiqui in Chemistry, Shaikh Abdullah in Geography, Ghulam Mustafa and Muhammad Sajid in Islamic Learning, and Aoun Ali, Kanwal Akhlaque, Inam Ur Rehman and Tehmina Muzaffar in clinical psychology.

Muhammad Sikandar and Saima Qadri earned master’s degrees in pharmacy, Syed Sufyan Ali and Asif Jahanzeb in Quran and Sunnah, Afsheen Illahi in physiology, Saifullah Yaqoob, Riaz Ahmed and Sadaf Issa in agriculture and agribusiness management, Husena Aamra, Raheela Khanam, Syeda Mehak Fatima Jaffery, Tehreem, Sher Jan, Muhammad Tariq, Sonia, Kiran Ali and Muzna in chemistry, Sumaira Asif in geology, Saqib Ahmed in history, Hira Ahmed and Saira Faraz Shah in pharmacognosy, Yasir Ali in international relations, Maha Sarwar in business administration, Misbah in biochemistry, and Muhammad and Mustafa in Arabic.

Aneela, Maruym Firdous and Madeeha have completed MPhil level research in Psychology, Dr. Sana Soomro in Physiology, Sana Faiz in Food Science and Technology, Fauqia Yameen, Syed Muhammad Usman, Mahwish Mubeen and Bushra Adeer Zubari in Urdu, Danish Idris in Chemistry Applied Chemistry and Technology, Dr. Amatul Sughra in Anatomy, Dr. Shazia Bhutto in Clinical Pathology, Safia Qazi, Muhammad Sajjad Ali and Muhammad Munir in Islamic Studies with Computer Technology, Iqra Mukhtar in Pharmacology, Atia Elahi in Mathematics, Muhammad Noman Hameed in Physics, Noman Tariq in Commerce, Areesha Ahmad in Microbiology, Muhammad Hassam in Molecular Medicine and Shabeeb Hasan in Computer Science.

PhD students include Saira Bano, Rabia Bibi, Ariba Hasan and Saedul Bibi from Marine Biology, Sobia Manzoor and Faiza Agha from Biochemistry, Syed Ghulam Ali Naqvi from Special Education, Muhammad Zohaib, Majid Rashid, Abdul Khaliq, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Malik and Ms. Junaid Ali Khan from Islamic Learning, Nida Syed from Biochemistry, Sumbul and Asma Latif from Psychology, Bushra Iqbal, Waqar Hussain and Rasheed Ahmed from Quran and Sunnah, Fozia Humayun, Marium Rehman, Zainab Khanum and Majid Khan from chemistry, Afsheen Aqeel from Microbiology, Hafiza Misbah Iqbal from genetics, Sonya Arshad and Muhammad Nisar from physiology, Amir ul Haq from women’s studies and M Ahad Yar Khan from European studies.

Rooma Badar and Nazish Dildar earned PhDs in Chemistry, Hafiza Tuseef Sayyar and Rukesh Maharjan in Pharmacology, Hamad Ali and Midhat Batool Zaidi in Molecular Medicine, Adeel Tahir in Physics, M Naveed Iqbal, Hameed Ullah Zulqarnain and Reena Starsis in Urdu, Tanzila Arshad in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Sonam Khatri and Hafiza Samreen Khan in Nematology, Samreen Bari and Amir Ahmed Farooqui in International Relations, Abdul Sattar in Zoology, Sadia Baqar in Mass Communication, Tehseen Quds in Pharmacognosy, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan in Physiology , Saeed Ahmed in pharmaceutical chemistry, and Nesheman Huma and Madiha Kanwal in biotechnology.

A medical degree was awarded to Dr. M Naeem Pasha in Anaesthesiology, Masters degrees were awarded to Dr. Naseer Ahmed and Dr. Yousuf Shah, and a Masters degree was awarded to Safia Bano.