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Missouri Board of Directors Investigates Working Conditions in Pharmacies



ST. LOUIS (AP) – A state council is examining allegations that pharmacists were overworked, forced to adhere to company measures and lacked time to safely fill prescriptions.

St. Louis Post-Expedition reports that the Missouri Board of Pharmacy appoint a task force this month to examine working conditions at state pharmacies after hundreds of pharmacists raised concerns.

“I’ve heard pharmacists say they don’t drink anything before they leave because they’re worried they won’t be able to go to the bathroom,” said Ron Fitzwater, CEO of the Missouri Pharmacy Association. “It’s not even healthy, let alone good business practice.”

The board of directors said in a statement earlier this year that “patient safety should not be compromised for company profits.”

Pharmacy giants CVS Health and Walgreens both told Post-Dispatch they are committed to treating patients. Walmart did not respond to a request for comment.

Kimberly Grinston, executive director of the Missouri Board of Pharmacy, said COVID-19 has placed additional requirements on pharmacists. Some have had to deal with staff absences due to quarantine or illness. And the vaccines were rolled out in the winter, which is already a busy time.

“We had a convergence of all of these things, so the board had concerns about staffing and working conditions,” Grinston said.



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