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Much of the value of supplements depends on how much you take in. This is where Vasayo comes in


Author of four books and expert in organic chemistry and botanical medicine, Tracy Gibbs is an expert in functional nutrition. He is the inventor of a patented enzyme delivery system, taught in schools and universities around the world, holds an honorary doctorate in pharmacognosy and has contributed to the formulation of nutritional products for several dozen companies. .

He is also the scientific advisor to Vasayo, an American company recognized as one of the top 50 healthcare companies in the world by the International Forum on Advances in Healthcare (IFAH, 2019).

Vasayo is a global supplier of nutritional and topical products that provide support directly to the cells of the body for dramatically increased bioavailability and better results.

But Gibbs offers consumers a fairly straightforward way to determine how much of their nutritional supplement is being absorbed: When taking your vitamins or supplements, pay close attention to your next trip to the bathroom. Most likely, you will notice that your urine is bright yellow. If so, it’s a sure sign that your body hasn’t been able to absorb the majority of the supplement you’re taking. For your good intentions and even the quality of the nutritional products you buy, most of the benefits you are looking for literally go down the drain.

This is where advanced delivery methods such as liposomal technology come in. This approach to the administration of supplements and nutrients has been extensively researched and has been an important part of the pharmaceutical industry for years. With effective implementation, however, the technology is also very applicable to nutritional supplementation.

Using Vasayo’s liposomal technology, supplements are delivered by encapsulating an active vitamin or plant-based nutrient in a liposomal (fat-based) “bubble” that carries it through the harsh environment of digestion or digestion. skin barrier and releases it in cells that require specific support.

In the pharmaceutical industry, liposomes are generally petroleum based or may contain a high level of preservatives to keep them stable.

Vasayo’s formulations are all natural.

The results of this approach, according to Gibbs, are the ability to make nutritional supplementation much more bioavailable to the physiology of the body. When more of the supplement is absorbed, the effectiveness is greater. People feel the difference, and supplementation produces better results.

“It’s a way for nature and science to fully align,” he concludes.

For American consumers, the concept of advanced delivery technology underscores the fact that not all supplements are created equal. It is essential to study and understand every aspect of the products we consume and buy to make sure they deliver the efficacy and safety we need.

For more information on the role of advanced delivery technology in health and wellness, readers can join the Vasayo United We Grow 2021 International Virtual Convention August 5-7, 2021 (information available here).

For more information on the science and use of this technology in Vasayo products, readers can visit Vasayo.com.

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