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Pamplin Media Group – Family and Emergency Medicine Practice Opens in Prineville


Bend practice expands to Prineville and will see patients from October 3

Prineville will soon have an independent emergency and family care practice.

Mountain Medical Family and Urgent Care will offer family medicine and urgent care and will be open to patients on October 3. They will be located at 198 NE Combs Flat Road. The facility will relocate to the former direct care clinic between Central Oregon Eyecare and Clinic Pharmacy.

Their firm has been discussing the possibility of opening an office in Prineville for some years. When Direct Care, located next to Clinic Pharmacy, closed and moved, they decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

“We saw the need for a community that didn’t have urgent care,” explained Tonya Busack, manager of the Mountain Medical Clinic. “We thought it would be a good place to try to open up and serve the locals there.”

She added that Mountain Medical is the last independent urgent care facility in central Oregon.

The clinic has another location in Bend, and they began practice there in 1986.

Busack is also a clinic partner and started working at Mountain Medical when he was 17 years old. She started at the front desk and worked her way up to become a certified X-ray technician and physician assistant. She also manages invoicing, human resources and electronic records.

“She is the lifeblood of our practice. It’s a remarkable story that she started answering the phone at the front desk as a young woman,” added Dr. Christopher DiGuilio, MD, Prineville Clinic’s senior physician. He is also a co-firm partner with Busack. “Now she owns the firm. It’s an American story of hard work, dedication and the good things that happen when you hang on.”

Although DiGuilio is the primary physician working in the Prineville office, they have five providers who will rotate through the practice weekly. They will have female and male providers. The clinic will initially be open three days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once they have built up a clientele, they will add another day.

“Ultimately our goal is to be open five days a week, and if we’re busy enough we’ll eventually add a half day on Saturdays,” Busack said.

DiGuilio added that volume and community support will determine the number of days open.

DeGuilio has 25 years of medical board certification experience and has been board certified since 2001. He started as a partner in a family medicine practice, then opened and managed an occupational medical clinic. He later became Chief of Medicine for the Oregon Department of Corrections.

“We see patients from birth until death. A family physician is trained, licensed, and able to see geriatric newborns,” DeGuilio noted.

Mountain Medical manages patients’ chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health maintenance care.

“Newborns check on children’s health, make sure children get the right shots, make sure they’re reaching their developmental milestones, and make sure they’re growing properly,” DeGuilio said. “We discuss safety issues such as bicycle helmets and seat belts – across the arc of life taking care of teens and discussing these important preventative health measures.”

He added that as people age, they also take care of chronic diseases as they develop in this age group, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks and accidents. cerebrovascular and thyroid disorders. They also discuss preventative strategies for maintaining health and managing their chronic conditions.

“Family practitioners kind of do a lot and do everything. We don’t specialize in anything, but we get involved in almost everything.”

He concluded that his intention was to obtain courtesy privileges for patients visiting St. Charles Hospital.

“They can read records, they can discuss care with other doctors, but they’re not actively caring for the individual in the hospital,” DeGuilio noted.

Hospitalists are people in the hospital who specialize in inpatient care, and St. Charles has those types of doctors and specialists who do, DeGuilio pointed out.

Mountain Medical will be entirely outpatient-based, but Diguilio said his goal is to have courtesy privileges that will allow him to monitor and visit inpatients.

“Our main goal in Prineville is to open a family practice. We hope that as time goes on and the community continues to grow to provide emergency care, and we hope that will grow over time. Our main goal is to establish a family practice, primarily in Prineville, as well as emergency services.”

He added that they will be able to accept urgent visits from day one, but their main goal is to create a family practice.

Emergency Care also provides workplace health care, including pre-employment drug screenings, physical exams, and wellness and screening tools for employees from an assortment of employers. If patients need more extensive occupational health services, they can always go to Bend. The Prineville clinic also offers post-injury drug testing, services for injured workers, including fitness-to-work exams and return-to-work exams for companies.

In addition to Occupational Health, they service CDL drivers with an annual or bi-annual medical examination (DOT physical).

“We will provide this service in town. A lot of people have to leave Prineville to take these exams,” DeGuilio said. He added that they are available without an appointment and all of their providers are certified to do the exams.

Mountain Medical also has the vaccines needed for travel, such as the yellow fever vaccine. It is the only clinic in central Oregon that is certified to administer the yellow fever vaccine.

For patients who have already seen Lindsey McKay at Direct Care, they can come to Mountain Medical in Prineville and their patient data can be transferred to their clinic. Their clinic has contracts with most major medical insurance companies.

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Mountain medical family and emergency care

Address: 198 NE Combs Flat Road, STE 110

Telephone: 541-388-7799

Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Primary Family Physician: Dr. Christopher DeGuilio, MD

Office Manager: Tonya Busack

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