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Pharmacists praise Buhari for signing PCN law


The Community Pharmacists Association of Nigeria has applauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent signing of the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) Act 2022.

The organization believes that this long-awaited bill will improve the board’s regulatory framework and allow for better oversight of pharmacy operations and practices across the country.

However, the organization continues to advocate for the correct use of Nigeria’s national drug distribution guidelines to improve the security of the country’s drug supply.


The recent signing of the Pharmacy Board of Nigeria Amended Act, 2022 has been received with approval in many quarters.

The act now extends the powers and duties of the Board to inspect, approve, license and regulate the registration and practice of pharmacy across the country.

The national chairman of the community pharmacists association, Adewale Oladigbolu, said he believed the development would contribute to Nigeria’s drive to regulate all players involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

One of the major challenges facing the pharmaceutical sector and healthcare delivery system in Nigeria is the uncoordinated drug distribution system which is not in line with the proper management of drug supply stipulated by the drug policy national.

Nigeria is still grappling with drug abuse and abuse, with over six thousand five hundred registered members of the ACPN alongside several other drug regulatory and control agencies,

This indicates that this threat is far from over.

The task now is to ensure the proper implementation of the national drug distribution guidelines, which should improve the order of the drug distribution system to provide the necessary checks and balances in the country chain and reduce the threat current drug.

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria was established in 1992.

President Buhari has recently signed eight bills into law including the Pharmacy Board of Nigeria, Council Practitioners Council of Nigeria, 2022, Civil Aviation Act and Meteorological Agency (Establishment) Act, 2022, among others.