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SDS Amplicare awards $ 25,000 grant to CPESN Minnesota to help community pharmacies expand health services


FORT WORTH, Texas, July 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SDS Amplicare, Inc., a leading pharmaceutical software company, today announced that it has been awarded a $ 25,000 grant to CPESN Minnesota to help independent pharmacies prepare for new opportunities to expand their provider offerings for Medicaid patients.

The two-year grant-funded program will help up to 50 community pharmacies benefit from implementation support and training to enable them to provide care under the extended Medicaid CPT codes for the management of drug therapy (MTM).

Minnesota takes measures to ensure care for vulnerable populations, especially women and children, by offering expanded services in community pharmacies. The MTM program focuses on the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. If patients with chronic illnesses can maintain their drug programs, unplanned hospitalizations and other unplanned health episodes can be reduced.

“The pandemic has made it clear that community pharmacies are an integral part of our country’s health ecosystem,” said Adam mcmullin, Chairman and CEO of FDS Amplicare. “This program will create opportunities for independent pharmacies in Minnesota expand their health services to residents of their communities. We are proud to be a part of this effort and would like to see similar initiatives in other states. “

Community pharmacies, many of which are located in rural and underserved areas where health services can be difficult to access, have struggled in recent years to remain financially viable. The National Association of Community Pharmacists (NCPA) estimates that 77% of community pharmacies serve population areas of 50,000 inhabitants or less.

In order to diversify sources of income, a growing number of independent pharmacies are offering more clinical services to residents of their communities. According to the NCPA, the top four point-of-care services provided by community pharmacies are influenza (22%), rapid strep (19%), cholesterol screening (12%) and A1C (9%).

“It is vital that community pharmacies in rural and underserved areas expand the care services they offer,” said Jason ausili, Clinical Director of FDA Amplicare. “The CPSEN program allows pharmacists to be reimbursed for the expertise and care they provide.

CPESN Minnesota is part of CPESN United States, a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies that coordinates patient care with larger care teams to provide medication optimization activities and improved services for high-risk patients.

“Our program extends health services to underserved rural areas, providing Minnesota community pharmacies an opportunity to help their communities while improving the financial survival of their pharmacies, ”said Paul Iverson, CPESN Minnesota noted. “We are grateful to FDS Amplicare for its generous support.”

About FDS Amplicare
FDS Amplicare strengthens the health of pharmacies and their patients. Through the provision of innovative software products and services, we enable the evolution of the New Era clinic-focused pharmacy, enabling our customers to provide comprehensive pharmacy and clinical care services to their communities. Learn more about https://www.fdsrx.com.

About CPESN United States
CPESN USA is a clinically integrated national organization of local networks whose participating pharmacies are responsible for their patient care. Being part of the CPESN networks strengthens the practice of community pharmacy by recognizing the value of improved services and by encouraging other health care providers to include community pharmacies in the patient care team. CPESN’s pharmacy supplier networks are now present in 45 US states. Learn more about https://www.cpesn.com.

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