Home Pharmacognosy To increase concentration and get a sharp mind, drink this thing daily by mixing it with milk.

To increase concentration and get a sharp mind, drink this thing daily by mixing it with milk.


Delhi, lifestyle office. Benefits of water hyssop: Brahmi is considered a medicine in Ayurveda. It is used to prevent many types of diseases. Brahmi has been used in the form of medicine in India since ancient times. The medicine is called Brahmi in the name of Lord Brahma. Brahmi is also mentioned in Charaka Samhita. It is composed by Acharya Agnivesh. Brahmi is a vegetable. Its flowers are white. At the same time, the sheets are soft and padded. It is only found in India. Brahmi is known by many names across the country. Brahmi is nothing less than a boon to health. Its consumption relieves many diseases. Brahmi medicine is similar for women. It also has blood purifying properties. At the same time, its consumption increases concentration and sharpens the mind. Come on, let’s know all about it-

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry It has been revealed through research that by consuming Brahmi twice a day, the brain becomes sharpened. Memory power increases. For this, those involved in the research were advised to consume 300mg of Brahmi twice a day. The result of this research was very encouraging. In this research, it was found that daily consumption of Brahmi can boost memory power in just 2 months.

According to health experts, the natural compound Bacoside is found in Brahmi which sharpens the brain. Its consumption increases concentration. Apart from this, consumption of Brahmi also relieves stomach related disorders. Above all, Brahmi is like a medicine for people suffering from constipation. Its regular consumption helps to get rid of constipation. Its taste is cold. For this, it is also beneficial in stress.

how to consume

Brahmi leaves can be eaten for this. In parallel, take 150 mg of Brahmi powder mixed in a glass of milk every night before sleeping. With its regular consumption, the mind becomes sharp. Memory power also increases.

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