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VERMES Microdispensing presents its latest MDS 3050 series


VERMES Microdispensing MDS 3050 system for low to medium viscosity dosing

Holzkirchen, Germany, October 5, 2021 – VERMES Microdispensing, a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative microdispensing concepts and systems, presents its MDS 3050 system, the newest member of the MDS 3000 series for low viscosity dispensing to medium.
Modern high-precision MDS 3050 series piezo jets dispense minimal quantities in the nano and sub-nano ranges and are suitable for a wide range of demanding industries including microelectronics, biosciences, medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals . Namely, medical cells and the distribution of protein solutions are among the main applications of this new system.
The valve is normally closed, which provides perfect conditions for dispensing low viscosity fluids.
The new technology provides a powerful actuator and exceptional locking force and therefore allows application specific adjustment for different media.
The system is able to finally adjust its strength and closing function to the needs of the medium and thus perfectly fulfills such tasks as the distribution of cell survival.
“Recent advances in tissue engineering have enabled the creation of 3D living organ analogues. As bioprinting technology is expected to be used more and more in regenerative medicine and drug research, there is a great demand for the MDS 3050 dispenser with its specific power density and volume-to-force ratio ” , explains Juergen Staedtler, CEO and Director. Director of VERMES Microdistribution.
The latest frame technology from VERMES Microdispensing gives the system maximum reliability and gives its valve frame exceptional stability and resistance to frame expansion and elongation at break resulting in excellent compensation thermal.
The slim design of the valve and the possibility of multiple picketing are an attractive solution for a variety of applications.
The MDV 3050 is equipped with side adjustment for quick setup and an interchangeable plunger. The user can choose from the full range of VERMES Microdispensing tip pushers and nozzle inserts to achieve the best fit for their application.
The solution is compatible with existing VERMES Microdispensing add-ons and heaters and is available with (MDS 3050-AC) and without air cooling (MDS 3050).
A chip inside the valve provides additional monitoring functions to achieve a consistently consistent dispensing result.
The VERMES Microdispensing MDS 3050 supports high volume, fast and highly accurate automated production processes where minimal amounts of liquid need to be safe and perfectly dispensed.
Industries that use UV adhesives, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic adhesives, etc. will benefit from this solution.
With this system, VERMES Microdispensing is able to distribute all media without contact and with the greatest precision up to a viscosity of 8,000 mPas.

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Based in Germany, VERMES Microdispensing revolutionized microdispensing technology with the introduction of its contactless piezo-based MDS 3000 series in 2001. Today the company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of concepts and innovative microdistribution systems for adhesives, silicones, greases, solvents and other fluids.

High precision VERMES MDS 3000 valves support modern manufacturing processes all over the world, e.g. for MEMS components, semiconductors, displays (LCD, OLED, micro-LED), LEDs, devices smart mobiles, automotive, SMDs, RFID tags, pharmacology and many other electronic devices.

Our systems allow our customers to achieve non-contact delivery of highly viscous fluid droplets in the range of micro and nano and sub-nano liters at theoretical frequencies of over 3000 Hz – a rate that is unique in our industry.

VERMES Microdispensing employees are dedicated to providing the best technologies and services to its customers around the world with the ultimate goal of contributing to increased throughput, improved quality and lower production costs. You will find more information about VERMES Microdispensing on www.vermes.com.

VERMES Microdispensing is a registered trademark of VERMES Microdispensing GmbH in Germany and other countries.

Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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