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Walker Pharmacy Wins Pathway to Medicare Award – Sterling Journal-Advocate


Walker Pharmacy of Sterling has been recognized as one of 300 local pharmacies that go above and beyond to ensure their Medicare patients are on the plan that best fits their needs and budget.

That recognition came this week from FDS Amplicare and HealthPlanOne in the form of the inaugural Pathway to Medicare Award program.

HealthPlanOne is an online health insurance brokerage company focused on the marketing of individual and family health insurance. FDS Amplicare provides computer software for pharmacies.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are over 61 million Medicare registrants in the United States, and many are bewildered by the complex experience of selecting a Medicare plan that meets their financial and health needs. Each year, registrants often turn to their local community pharmacy for help. With tools like Match, FDS Amplicare’s Medicare Plan Comparison Tool, and HealthPlanOne’s Enrollment Support, community pharmacists help seniors and other Medicare-eligible patients make important plan decisions. Medicare.

Pharmacies like Walker provide trained staff members who can compare a variety of options for Medicare registrants to help them make important decisions about their drug plans quickly. Paul Stanco, Senior Vice President, Products and Partnerships at HealthPlanOne, said this service helps take the confusion out of the annual registration period.

“At HealthPlanOne, our customers are like family and we are proud to support each of them,” said Stanco. “These pharmacies and their staff reflect our values ​​and ensure their Medicare patients are cared for by providing them with support and resources to assess the plan options that best fit their budget and personal needs.”

Nathan Shanor, vice president, general manager of FDS Amplicare, said that without the help of these pharmacies, it is not known how many patients would ever get the proper coverage.

“Our goal with the Pathway to Medicare Award is to highlight the great work community pharmacies do to help patients make difficult decisions, treating everyone with the care they deserve. Our pharmacies secure patient loyalty by guaranteeing patient satisfaction, which is the key to their business. “

The winners were determined using a formula measuring the ratio of Medicare-eligible patients that a pharmacy helped select a health care plan during the annual enrollment period, compared to the total number of patients. Medicare-eligible for this pharmacy.


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