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Web teacher training school ends at UIPS, PU | Chandigarh News

Poviet Kaur
Chandigarh: The week-long faculty training program under the UGC Pharmaceutical Sciences Networking Resource Center on the theme “Achieving Quality Excellence in Drug Administration Development and Research: emerging trends, tools and techniques in pharmacy and biopharmaceuticals ”, which was led by the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), University of Punjab, from November 29 to December 4, 2021 ended on Saturday.
A total of 67 participants from 19 states were trained on updated views during the program. In addition, 25 speakers from academic institutions, industrial companies and research organizations from India, Australia and the United Kingdom (UK) participated in the event.
Professor Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Vice Chancellor of a University of Chennai delivered a lecture on “Nuclear Medicine and Magnetic Resonance as Essential Tools in Drug Development and Delivery”. He elaborated on various living examples of how nuclear magnetic resonance could show the interaction with physical organs for bioimaging.
Professor MPS Ishar, former vice-chancellor of Jammu University and former vice-chancellor of MRS Punjab Technical University, who was the main guest of the farewell ceremony, stressed the need to train young professors to write winning research proposals.

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