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WVU Releases Graduate List for Spring 2022 | New


MORGANTOWN — West Virginia University has released its Spring 2022 Dean’s and President’s lists, as well as the full list of graduates for the spring semester.

A total of 6,007 students earned honors during the spring semester.

A total of 3,403 students were named to the Dean’s List, having achieved grade point averages of 3.5 or higher.

The university president’s list includes 2,604 students who achieved 4.0 GPA.

Thousands of graduates participated in 16 launch ceremonies at the Coliseum and the Canady Creative Arts Center from May 13-15.

The final total number of graduates for the Spring 2022 semester was 3,888.

The complete list of graduates is available at lists.wvu.edu.

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Graduate students in The Register-Herald coverage area:

Beckley’s Corey Acord, Sports Management

Anna Ahern of Lewisburg, marketing

Tyler Aliff of Mount Hope, Business Administration

Fahad Almuammar de Beckley, finance

Niki Amick de Nettie, Multidisciplinary Studies

Beckley’s Shaylan Anderson, Energy Environments

Rebecca Arthur de Hinton, professional pharmacist

Dalton Ash from Princeton, economics, international studies

Caleb Bailes of Fayetteville, General Affairs

Sydney Ballard of Peterstown, Health Administration

Eva Barber from Lookout, criminology

Amelia Bard of Richwood, Wildlife and Fish Resources

Brandon Barnes of Ronceverte, Neuroscience

Amanda Barrett from Athens, physiotherapy

Machiah Baxter of Lewisburg, Finance

Summersville Lacey Beam, Communication Science and Disorders

Sarah Benfield of Crab Orchard, clinical rehabilitation and mental health counseling

Faith Bigelow of Oak Hill, landscape architecture

Hannah Blankenship of Beckley, Criminology

Madilyn Bodkin of Fayetteville, nurse

Emily Bollinger of Summersville, nurse

Madison Bolt of Lewisburg, criminology, psychology

Emily Boyd of Mount Hope, Human Performance and Health

Haley Butcher from Brenton, social work

Madison Campbell of Craigsville, Occupational Therapy

Channing Carr from Greenville, Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS

Rachel Carrico from Shady Spring, Occupational Therapy

Charleigh Carter of White Sulfur Springs, IT

Emily Carter of Cool Ridge, Exercise Physiology

Halie Casto de Nallen, primary education

John Casto of Lewisburg, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering

Terri Childress of Daniels, Psychology

Marcus Christian de Beckley, conductor

Carrie Clemons of Lewisburg, Occupational Therapy

Madeline Cochran of Lewisburg, Exercise Physiology

Emily Compton de Montcalm, advertising and public relations

Algie Cook from Oceana, Professional Pharmacy

Andrew Cook of Summersville, biochemistry

Jacob Coots de Beckley, public administration

Kenneth Corhn of Bluefield, Chemical Engineering

Caraline Coughlin de Rupert, nurse

Jenny Culicerto of Princeton, Occupational Therapy

Brooke Daniels of Beckley, nurse

Amanda Davis of Oak Hill, Legal Studies

Beckley’s Konner Davis, sports management

Carson Dewese from Beckley, Exercise Physiology

Matthew Dillon of Beaver, accounting

Stephanie Dillon of Princeton, Management Information Systems

Michaela Donovan of Lewisburg, Speech Pathology

Jacie Dotson from Ghent, Industrial Engineering

Taylor Duncan of Daniels, Biology

Jason Edwards of Bluefield, Bachelor of Arts Regents

Kali Ellison of Pineville, Public Health

Benjamin Evans of Peterstown, public administration

Demitria Evans of Mount Hope, Arts Education

Baylee Fitzwater of Beaver, Dental Hygiene

Matthew Fleshman of Wayside, Exercise Physiology

Marissa Fletcher of Craigsville, dentistry

Logan Foley de Rupert, Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Trevor Ford of Meadow Bridge, Physics, Chemistry

Morgan Francis of Summersville, Literacy

Toby Francis de Rainelle, theater design and technology

Logan Garris of Sophia, Education/Social Services

Cody Gillespie of Scarbro, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering

Kristie Gillilan of Lewisburg, Integrated Studies

Colson Glover of Lewisburg, neuroscience

Amanda Gottshall from Caldwell, social work

Aliyah Gwinn of Shady Spring, Nurse

Devin Hamrick of Summersville, Global Supply Chain Management

Madison Handy of White Oak, nurse

Kelsea Harler of Fayetteville, Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Emily Harrah de Beckley, nurse

Sierra Harris of Beckley, Psychology

Sarah Harvey de Beckley, physiotherapy

Vincent Harvey de Beckley, physical education and kinesiology

Julia Hays of Hinton, medical assistant

Beckley’s Kira Henson, Psychology

Drew Hicks of Canvas, Professional Pharmacy

James Higgins of Beaver, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Abigail Hill of Daniels, nurse

Courtney Holbrook of Oak Hill, Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Mackayla Holdren of Fenwick, Elementary Education

Allison Houchins of Shady Spring, Health Informatics and Information Management

Emily Hyler-Both of Clintonville, physical therapy

Luke Jarrell de Beckley, Immunology and Medical Microbiology

James Jarrett of Whitesville, Psychology

Jerreyanne Jeffries of Charlton Heights, Regents Bachelor of Arts

Rachel Johnson of Princeton, advertising and public relations

Hannah Kania of Oak Hill, nurse

Madison Kelbaugh of Summersville, advertising and public relations

Bradshaw’s Logan Kennedy, story

Savannah Kincaid of Fayetteville, Exercise Physiology

Summer Kuhn of Shady Spring, Sociology

Jacob Lambert de Ronceverte, medicine

Beckley’s Ashlee Lane, nurse

Jessica Lawson from Corinne, nurse

Lauren Lane from Peterstown, Psychology

Abby Lester of Princeton, advertising and public relations

Madison Lilly of Shady Spring, nurse

Aron Ludwinski de Welch, IT

Amy Lusk from Bud, Professional Pharmacy

Makenzie Lusk of Pineville, nurse

Beckley’s Destiny Lylyk, Criminology

Jessica Mason de Lester, nursing

Andrea Masters of Caldwell, Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Mattie McArthur of Beckley, Psychology

Samantha McManus de Beckley, sociology

Felicity McSweeney de Hico, nurse

Madison Mills of White Sulfur Springs, interactive design for media

Fayth Mitchell of Mount Hope, Nursing

Alexis Moss of Mount Hope, Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Phyllis Murray of Bluefield, Nursing

Nettie’s River Myers, Nursing

Josiah Nieto of Princeton, Medicine

Mike O’Brien of Ronceverte, Finance

Erika Osborne of Rockview, Civil Engineering

Nayreshca Pacheco Sanchez de Fayetteville, Women’s and Gender Studies

Leslie Payne of Oak Hill, Psychology

Madeline Peck of MacArthur, Biology

Trent Pendleton of Princeton, Psychology

Dalton Perdue of Oak Hill Health and Wellness

Hunter Peyatt of Richwood, Electrical Engineering

Miranda Plumley de Beckley, nurse

Kandice Pruitt of Bradshaw, Dental Hygiene

Jonathan Pullens of Fayetteville, nurse

Beckley’s Zainab Rana, health policy

Bailey Ratliff of Daniels, General Affairs

Joshua Rhudy from Ghent, medicine

Union’s Margaret Rice, Exercise Physiology

Nathan Richmond of Jumping Branch, Medicine

Kelsy Robbins de Rainelle, Women’s and Gender Studies

Tyler Robinette of White Sulfur Springs, international studies, history

Kathryn Robinson of Renick, Medicine

Carly Rojas de Daniels, dentistry

Giulia Romani de Beckley, exercise physiology

Rachel Rowe of Mount Hope, nurse

Matthew Ryan of Hinton, Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS

Sofia Salon de Daniels, Exercise Physiology

Frank Sammons of Oceana, Professional Pharmacy

Zoe Sampson of Lewisburg, Councilor

Caleb Schoolcraft of Castor, International Studies

Cosmo Scott of Lookout, Wildlife and Fish Resources

Taylor Scott of Hinton, Advisor

Felicia Seabolt of Summersville, nurse

Meagan Seaton of Mullens, Occupational Therapy

Elizabeth Sheets of Renick, Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Emily Simmons of Maben, Regents Bachelor of Arts

Madison Simms of Summersville, Marketing

Amber Skaggs of Fayetteville, nurse

Shelby Smith of Hinton, Occupational Therapy

Jessica Spearing of Beckley, nurse

Raven Spencer of Peterstown, Medicine

Robert Stclair of Cool Ridge, nurse

Sherrell Taylor of Craigsville, Health Informatics and Information Management

Cydney Thomas of Oak Hill, painting

Jacob Toney of Crab Orchard, biomedical laboratory diagnostics

Katy Trent of Scarbro, anthropology

Jason Truman of Mount Nebo, Assistant Physician

Tyler Trump of Glen Daniel, Electrical Engineering

Karen Truong of Summersville, Management Information Systems

Lainey Vargo of Oak Hill, Professional Pharmacy

Tanner Veneri of Princeton, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Christopher VonScio de Beckley, Business Administration

Madison Walker of Beckley, Psychology

Sierra de Cool Ridge Ward, Biochemistry

Lauren Weatherford of Fayetteville, Community Development Policy and Practice

James Weiss of Jumping Branch, social work

Shae West of Lewisburg, Public Administration

Hannah White de Beckley, nurse

Madison Wiley of Lerona, nurse

Brandon Williams of Mount Hope, director

Leann Williams de Beckley, public administration, social work

Leslie Williams of Shady Spring, Nursing

Catherine Williamson of Summersville, nurse

Brianna Wingrove of Glen Jean, Health Informatics and Information Management

Makayla Wooten of Dixie, Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS

Natalie Workman of Daniels, nurse

Lily Wright of Bluefield, English, French

Amy Yeung of Daniels, Professional Pharmacy

Norman Yeung of Daniels, IT

Jacob Young de Beckley, landscape architecture

Tyler Zimm of Fayetteville, Professional Pharmacy